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Women’s Healthcare in New Jersey and Why It Is Important Women’s health care has been neglected for a long time.It is now that the society has realized the unique needs and the importance of health care in women.The health of women and men differ a great deal, and due to the delicate nature of women, women’s healthcare in New Jersey has become an important topic. Reasons to highlight the health of women It has been discovered that women suffer from illness that are specific to their femininity as well as some illness that were thought to affect men only. For instance only women suffer from menopause and for a long time osteoporosis was thought to affect men only to be found that it also occurs in women. Women are delicate, and the things that they do in life can be overwhelming, not only do they have to work and take care of the family, but they have to deal with childbirth.
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Osteoporosis condition
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Compared to men, women have a high likelihood to suffer from osteoporosis.The condition makes the bone weak to the extent that it could end up breaking.The illness was thought to affect men and was never thought to affect women.The reason why women are affected the most is because they have small amount of peak bone mass, maximum bone density, and strength compared to men. In addition when women get to menopause, they loseestrogen which is important in strengthening the bones. Thus, to minimize the possibility of getting this condition women should consume meals rich in vitamin D, calcium, and ensure that they lead a healthy life. Heart condition The leading cause of death in women is heart disease.According to statistics, most women die a few days after getting heart attack as compared to men.It is for this reason that it is advisable that women should steer off any habit that could lead to them having heart attack.Eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle are some of the things that can reduce the chances of a heart disease. Breast cancer Another illness that is known to cause high death rate in women is cancer.Breast cancer is one of the things that every woman is scared of getting.The main risk factors that women will get this conditions are family history and irregularities in the menstrual cycle at an early stage.In addition, taking excessive alcohol, being overweight, consuming meals that have a lot of fat, and having a deficiency in vitamin A are some of the other things that might lead to this condition. Thus, this is the reason that every woman should have their breast examined. When they notice that there is something wrong with their breast, they should visit the hospital immediately for examination.

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