Places to Visit in Jakarta in One Day Only

If you only come to Jakarta for a day and you have to leave the next or the next two days, don’t worry. There are still plenty of places to visit in Jakarta. Let’s say that you arrive this afternoon and you have spent the whole evening relaxing at your hotel – taking a bath, enjoying the meal, and relaxing. It is a good idea to turn on your computer, find the best information about some of the popular places, and how to reach them. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, use the public transportation instead of the taxi. You will have a great time and also memorable experience that isn’t easily forgotten.

So, how do you spend your time with some of the places to visit in Jakarta in one day? Start your exploration in the morning; make sure that you have your wallet and smartphone ready. Don’t forget about your power bank, it would be crucial to have it handy – just in case. Don’t worry, the online transportation business is growing and you can always contact them in the event that you get lost along the way.

  • It is the short of MonumenNasional or the National Monument. It becomes the symbol of Indonesian independence. You can go to the highest peak and enjoy the view from there. You will have to pay for the entrance fee but it is worth your time and efforts. There is a National Museum next to it and you can learn about the process of Indonesian independence there. If you want to relax a bit, you can do it at the Merdeka Square. The place is often used by families for family picnic or get together.
  • Old Town or Kota Tua. This is the area where the old buildings with Dutch signature structure and construction still exist. The square is big and wide and full of people. Not only you can take pictures of the old buildings, looking retro and old-school, you can also enjoy a lot of attractions at the square. Finding street food vendors is also easy because the place is filled with them.
  • Old Harbor or Port. Jakarta was known as SundaKelapa, one of the busiest business and trade ports in the area. The old harbor still exists and it remains as one of the busiest places in the city. It is often used as photography objects because of the busy and active life. If you want to take pictures as well as seeing the local people with their activities, you should go there.


It would be better to use the public transportation because you can see how the real traffic in Jakarta. It would be costly to use the taxi because it is likely that you will be stuck in the traffic quite often – and for a long time. Basically, these are only a little part of places to visit in Jakarta and Bandung – of course, you need to go to Bandung to explore it – but it can be an adventurous exploration that you will never forget.

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