Place of the Best Handicraft in Yogyakarta

While you are going holiday, the next main thing you should not miss is buying the souvenirs for the other people you want to give for. You just have to find out what kind of souvenirs which shows the icon of the city you are visited of. Well, if you buy the souvenirs, make sure that they are really made in that city only, so you will not find it in other cities as well. As if you want to go holiday to Yogyakarta. It means you need to find out what kind of Yogya’s souvenirs you can bring to home. It will be better if you search it before D-Day of your holiday, so you can put to buy souvenirs in your holiday itinerary to ensure you will not forget to buy them. Yogyakarta is getting famous with a lot of handicraft options which you can buy as your best handicraft in Yogyakarta options one.

You should know that Yogyakarta is such as a heaven for you to bring any kind of souvenir for you. As you know, the best souvenir to buy from this city is such as handicraft you can find easily. For this case, there are some places which give you the best handicraft in Yogyakarta as your souvenir from this city:

  • Do you want to see the fine silvercraft in Yogyakarta? If you want to have such as this handicraft you can get to Kota Gede. You can find many workshops, factories, and shops here. You can get see and learn around the art of silversmithing. It also offers you to have your own signature jewelry as the souvenirs from this city. besides, you can get buy the silver products such as handmade accessories like earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, and necklaces, also miniature souvenirs like silver handbags, tea set and silver trays, silver cast sculptures, and also miniature souvenirs.
  • If you want to get such as handicraft ceramics, you can go to Kasongan Village. It offers you many kinds of ceramics for modern home décor like sculptures and plates, ceramic vases, carved stone tiles, and many more. You also can bring it as your souvenirs from this village to beautify your room as well.
  • If you are visiting Yogyakarta, it is not complete if you did not visit Jalan Malioboro. In this street, you will find many kinds of things here starts from the modern shopping mall until the street shop. If you want to get the souvenirs with the lowest price, you can find it along the street shop which is provided for you. This street also offers you shopping mall such as Mirota is the place for you to get a higher price batik of street shop, of course with the high-end product and also you can visit Malioboro Mall which has Dagadu store in the lower ground of this mall.

There are some places which give you the best handicraft in Yogyakarta as your best souvenir you can bring it home. You just have to notice that you also can bring the handicraft for your own self if you like and need the handicraft thing itself.



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